The data we create everyday by simply using the internet is sold for billions every year. How much of that do we see? Zero.
It's time to change that, together.

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It's simple. We need to join together to get our fair share of our data profits. We know there are buyers once we reach 100,000 members. Let's do this, together.

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"In 2016 people will push for control of their data, to use them for their own benefit. This will challenge existing business models, creating an exciting market for new products."

-Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web

Membership Requirements

If you have the data, and most do, becoming a member is easy.

  • Demographic Data

    Source: 3 Question Survey Data Types: Gender, Age, Country How Data Is Used: Segment Analysis Anonymized: Yes Raw Data Sample: View
  • Social Data

    Source: Facebook Connect Data Types: Basic Profile Data How Data Is Used: Segment Analysis Anonymized: Yes Raw Data Sample: View
  • Spending Data

    Source: Your Debit or Credit Card Data Types: Purchases How Data Is Used: Segment Analysis Anonymized: Yes Raw Data Sample: 6013751585
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Privacy and Data Security

Your identity is safe and your data is secure.

  • Anonymized

    Data is stripped of personally identifiable info. Then it is bundled into large sets with unique, anonymous user IDs. There is no recourse back to you.
  • Read Only Access

    We can never manipulate a transaction in any account. Our only access level is to read and pull in the data from your bank portal.
  • Bank Level Security

    We can't see or store your password. It never hits our servers. We employ 256-bit SSL. Our financial API is regulated by the OCC and is PCI-compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I expect to earn?

    We expect individuals to earn about $30-50 in the first year from reaching the 100,000 tipping point. As we get more signups, we'll be able to help you monetize to more channels and earn more for your data.

  • When will I earn?

    Once we hit our tipping point (100,000 individuals), buyers are prepared to buy your data and we'll pass the earnings through to you. It's possible that we can even start selling data earlier. We will notify members each time a buyer purchases their data.

  • Who's buying my data?

    Brands, retail, investment firms, market research firms and insurance companies are all interested in buying anonymous aggregated data in order to better understand consumer behavior. They currently buy it from third parties who collect our data behind our backs. Why not just pay us directly for it? Now they can.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes, your data is extremely secure. We'll break it down for you.

    We use 256-bit Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) encryption for all of our data in transmission.This makes it extremely difficult to intercept any data when it is passing from your browser to our servers.

    We never see nor store any passwords that you enter in order to connect an account. There are no connection passwords kept on Datacoup servers so no one can manipulate a transaction. Our access to bank account data is "Read-Only", which means we can never manipulate a transaction either.

    We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our hosting platform. Within the AWS platform, we use a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), which is a private, one-access-point-only ringfence around Datacoup servers and databases.

  • What can I get for my data in the long run?

    As we build out this marketplace of data buyers and sellers, individuals will have the ability to receive hundreds of dollars of value in cash, discounts, lowered rates and other forms of compensation. There are many buyers of aggregate/anonymous data who will pay cash for a large sample-set.

    In addition, there are many buyers of data who are willing to compensate you for data in different ways, including:

    • Retailer: Discount on shopping cart items in exchange for sharing data
    • Insurance: Lower premiums in exchange for sharing data
    • Banks: Lower checking account fees in exchange for sharing data
    • Carrier: Lower monthly cell-phone fees in exchange for sharing data
    • Digital Content Provider: Lower rates or access to content for sharing data

    There are many more examples of how you can leverage your data for value that can add up to hundreds of dollars or more per year.

  • Why share spending data?

    Shopping data from credit/debit cards provides the most accurate picture of group shopping behavior. This is valuable to data buyers. Sharing this data by connecting cards is simple. Buyers see an anonymized picture of dollar amounts spent at a range of different vendors over a range of time. To check out what anonymous spending data looks like, 8475332247

  • Who's behind this campaign?

    Datacoup is the company behind this campaign. If you don't already know us, we are the world's first personal data marketplace. We have pioneered the movement to help you get paid for the valuable digital data you create everyday. You can learn more about Datacoup here 6174931728

  • How else can I support this cause?

    The best way to support the cause is to join! After that, get as many people to join as possible. There is strength in numbers: the ability to grow this membership to 100,000 people and get things really rolling.